Blind Dating

"Date at your own risk."
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Blind Dating is a 2006 film starring Chris Pine as Danny Valdessecchi, a smart, handsome charmer who has been blind since birth. This romantic comedy, directed by James Keach, wasn't very well received by critics and audiences despite some accolades for Pine's performance. Pine acts as a volunteer for an experimental procedure where a microchip is implanted into the visual cortex of his brain. This microchip, connected to a camera, allows him to see fuzzy distorted visions. Danny's brother Larry, played by Eddie Kaye Thomas, is perplexed by Danny's virginity. Larry runs a limousine business and sets Danny up on bad dates that never go right. Meanwhile, Danny meets an Indian nurse, Leeza, played by Anjali Jay. As both begin to realize their feelings for each other, Leeza tells Danny that her family has promised her to someone in an arranged marriage, and they can no longer see each other.

Danny, thinking Leeza really didn't want to be with him because of his blindness, dangerously jeopardizes the brain procedure by neglecting necessary tests as he struggles with depression. Danny undergoes a successful operation after being convinced by his psychotherapist Dr. Evans, played by Jane Seymour, and his optometrist Dr. Perkins, played by Stephen Tobolowsky, that following through is the only way he'll ever be able to see. For the first time, he sees the faces of his family, but not Leeza, as she is away reluctantly prepping for her arranged marriage.

Danny suffers a setback and goes blind again when the prosthesis shifts in his brain. But he does not let his blindness handicap his quest for true love as he interrupts Leeza's wedding to confess his true feelings. Leeza and Danny kiss as the marriage is called off. The two embark on a new beginning where they get to know each other better, learning about their respective families and cultures.

| 2007 | | 6.1/10
Jennifer Alden, Chris Pine, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Steve Wellington
James Keach
Produced By
David Shanks, James Keach, Joy Mellins
Blind Dating
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