Blink Of An Eye

"Sam Browning. His body is deadly. His mind is lethal."
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Sam Browning has a super power that not everyone can say they have. He is a psychic and he has been hired by the CIA to do undercover work. During his tenure as an agent, he is assigned to watch over the chief's daughter. She is working in a refugee camp as a volunteer and someone is trying to kidnap her. In the process of trying to keep her safe, he becomes blinded. That is when he must rely on his psychic power in order to save her from the possibility of a kidnapping. The psychic powers become greater while he is blind because that is all he has to rely on to save himself and the woman he was sent to protect.

| 1992 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.5/10 | 0/100
Michael Paré, Janis Lee, Uri Gavriel, Amos Lavi
Bob Misiorowski
Blink Of An Eye
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Also directed by Bob Misiorowski