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"BEWARE! Snappy Snoopy Blonde at Work!"
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  • 1938
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Blondes at Work is a 1938 crime drama movie directed by Frank McDonald, starring Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, and Tom Kennedy. The film revolves around two blonde working women named Jean (Farrell) and Sally (Wini Shaw) who work for a private investigation firm. They manage to crack some of the toughest cases, but their boss, Dawson (MacLane), fails to appreciate their hard work.

Jean and Sally are street-smart and have a knack for getting into trouble. Joining them is their co-worker, Smitty (Kennedy), who lends a comic touch to the movie. When Dawson's rival, Terry (Craig Reynolds), tries to snag the detective agency's biggest client, a wealthy woman named Mrs. Prentice (Charlotte Treadway), Jean and Sally are determined to prove themselves and solve the case.

Throughout the movie, we see Jean and Sally using cunning and wit to outdo the male detectives that they encounter. They hilariously barge their way into mansions, set up surveillance missions, and put themselves in danger to solve the case. Even though they are often underestimated due to their gender, they prove themselves to be more clever and resourceful than anyone else in the investigation firm.

As the plot progresses, we find out that Mrs. Prentice's husband has been kidnapped, and the detectives suspect that Terry is the one behind it. Jean and Sally set out to prove their suspicion, and their investigation leads them to a sleazy nightclub. Here, they encounter a man named Harry (Johnnie Davis), who they believe is involved in the kidnapping.

Jean and Sally outsmart Harry and convince him to take them to the location where Mrs. Prentice's husband is being held. When they arrive, they find themselves in a dangerous situation as they confront the kidnappers. They are held hostage, and it's up to Smitty to come to their rescue.

The movie has its share of twists and turns, and the final revelation about Mr. Prentice's kidnapper comes as a surprise. However, Jean and Sally are able to solve the case and save the day once again.

Blondes at Work is an entertaining movie that manages to keep the audience engaged with its fast-paced plot and witty dialogues. The performances of the lead cast, especially Glenda Farrell, are impressive, and the chemistry between the three detectives is enjoyable to watch.

Overall, Blondes at Work is a classic crime drama movie that is worth watching for its comedic elements, engaging plot, and impressive performances from its lead cast.

Blondes at Work
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