Bombay to Goa

"Laughter unlimited"
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Bombay to Goa is a comedy adventure film that was released in 2007. The film involves a group of pair of men who want to own a bus company, but lacking enough money for a real bus they decide to build their own. The passengers do not like this, and want their money back. In addition, the bus is made out of parts from a broken down statue, which as it turns out is made out of gold. This leads to everyone looking for the rest of the statue, and once it is found they all get some of the diamonds inside of it.

2007 | | 4.1/10
Sunil Pal, Raju Srivastava, Vijay Raaz, Ehsaan Qureshi
Raj Pendurkar
Produced By
Humayu Rangilla
Bombay to Goa
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