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Bomber is a dramatic portrayal of war and its impact on individuals and families that was released in 2009. The film revolves around an elderly Englishman named Harry (Benjamin Whitrow), who served as a bomber pilot during the Second World War. The movie is set in the present day, and Harry is now in a care home, aging and fading away. One day, a young man named John (Shane Taylor) comes to the home to interview Harry for a college assignment. John is the grandson of the tail gunner who flew with Harry during the war. Harry, being the last surviving member of the crew, begins to recount his vivid memories of their missions.

As the movie unfolds, Harry speaks vividly about his wartime experiences, taking us back in time to the intense, dangerous, and emotionally charged missions of his bomber crew. These experiences leave him with deep emotional scars, and the interviews bring back painful memories.

The film doesn't shy away from examining the impact of war on the people it touches, including Harry's family, who still suffer from the loss of relatives during the bombing campaigns. His wife Annie (Eileen Nicholas) also suffered from the war, as did many other women left raising their families alone.

Bomber is an intense and emotional movie that highlights the realities of war and its impact on individuals and communities alike. It brings out the precarious balance that Harry and his crew had to maintain between risking their lives in the sky every day and returning home to their loved ones.

The film's strong focus on detail and historical accuracy is apparent in the sets and the use of aircraft from the wartime period. The director, Paul Cotter, brings out the brutality of the bombing missions and the emotional toll it took on Harry and his crew. The camera work is well-constructed and brings us closer to the characters, making their experiences feel more real.

Shane Taylor's performance as John is particularly poignant, bringing out the admiration and respect that he feels for Harry's generation of servicemen. Benjamin Whitrow delivers a brilliantly nuanced performance as Harry, who has to come to terms with the impact that his decisions had on innocent people.

Overall, Bomber is a moving and thought-provoking film that explores the impact of war on both the combatants and the innocent people caught in the crosshairs. It is a movie that captures the horror and the heroism of those who fought in WWII and the impact that it had on their lives long after the war was over. The film's message is clear - war is never a straightforward or easy choice, and its effects are felt far beyond the battlefield.

While Bomber might not be the most well-known film released in 2009, it is a powerful movie that deserves recognition for its accurate portrayal of wartime experiences and their long-lasting impact. This film shows that even after decades, the war still leaves its mark on those who experienced it, and it reminds us to honor their sacrifices and stand up for peace.

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