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  • 2009
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The movie 'Border Buckaroos' from 1943 is an American western film directed by S. Roy Luby for Producers Releasing Corporation. The film features the talented trio of Dave O'Brien, James Newill, and Guy Wilkerson, who are once again reunited as the Three Mesquiteers. Set in the rugged wilderness of the West, the story follows the Three Mesquiteers as they tackle the difficult task of bringing peace and order to the unruly border town of Blanco Grande. Led by the corrupt Sheriff Plummer (Jack Ingram), the town has become a hotbed of criminal activity, with bandits, illegal gambling, and racketeering running rampant. It's up to the Three Mesquiteers to clean up the mess and restore law and order to the community.

As the plot unfolds, the trio of cowboys finds themselves knee-deep in trouble as they investigate the crime syndicate operating out of the town. Along the way, they run into some colorful characters, including a down-on-his-luck rodeo clown named Happy (Jim Thorpe) and a beautiful and resourceful señorita named Carmen (Lupita Tovar) who quickly captures Newill's heart.

With gunfights, horse chases, and plenty of action, 'Border Buckaroos' is a classic western adventure that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The Three Mesquiteers prove yet again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the fight against crime and injustice. Their loyalty to each other, their unwavering determination, and their quick wit and skill with a gun make them an unstoppable trio.

The performances by the lead actors are top-notch, particularly O'Brien, Newill, and Wilkerson, who have a natural chemistry together. The film is also notable for featuring Native American athlete and Olympic gold medalist, Jim Thorpe, in a supporting role as Happy. Thorpe's charisma and athleticism shine through in his scenes, and he proves to be a solid addition to the cast.

In addition, the film boasts impressive cinematography, showcasing the rugged beauty of the West in all its glory. The action sequences are well-staged and exciting, with plenty of horseback riding, fistfights, and gunplay to keep audiences engaged. While the film is undoubtedly formulaic in its execution, it's still an entertaining and enjoyable flick, particularly for fans of the western genre.

Overall, 'Border Buckaroos' is a fun and exciting western adventure that is sure to please fans of the genre. The Three Mesquiteers are in top form, and the supporting cast is equally impressive. With its thrilling action sequences, excellent cinematography, and engaging storyline, it's a film that is sure to entertain and delight audiences of all ages.

Border Buckaroos
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