Breaking the Silence

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  • R
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 3.4  (193)

Breaking the Silence is a nail-biting action film from 1999, directed by Robert Iscove, featuring an impressive cast like Joe Lara, Billy Drago, and Christopher Atkins. The plot circulates around the issue of sexual abuse and domestic violence that is plaguing the society. The film revolves around John, played by Joe Lara, a Los Angeles Police Department detective who is investigating a case of a missing teenager, Emily, who he suspects has been kidnapped and sexually abused. Emily's mother, Sarah, played by Corbin Bernsen's wife, Amanda Pays, is terrified that something terrible has happened to her daughter, and her worst fears come true when Emily is found dead.

However, John is not satisfied with just apprehending the individual responsible for Emily's death; he is also determined to bring to light the injustice inflicted upon many women who have been victims of sexual assault, including his own wife. He thus confronts his own past, where he failed his wife, Laura, played by seasoned actress Meg Foster, when she confided in him about the sexual abuse she had suffered from her father.

The story unfolds as John fights for justice and confronts the system, which has long been protecting sexual predators. He encounters several obstacles, including corrupt individuals who attempt to silence him, but the film's underlying tension and drama keep the audience on edge.

The film's cast is impressive, featuring several renowned actors, including Billy Drago, who plays the villainous Teddy, a sadistic and brilliant criminal who has been getting away with his crimes for too long. Drago's performance is terrifying as he portrays the effects of sexual and emotional abuse on a human being.

Christopher Atkins, who plays Detective David, is John's colleague and partner, who desires to help John extricate his wife from the claws of the criminal justice system. The chemistry between the two is fantastic, imbuing the film with a sense of brotherhood.

The movie's direction is smooth, and the pacing is perfect, with enough action, suspense, and drama to keep the audiences engaged from beginning to end.

While domestic violence and sexual assault are frustratingly prevalent today, Breaking the Silence attempts to highlight these issues and bring them to the public for debate. The film's finale can be interpreted in two ways, as either cathartic or deeply disturbing, but it does show the dire consequences of inaction.

Themes of corruption, sexual assault, and domestic violence are handled deftly and delicately throughout the film, allowing the audiences to take a closer look at these issues from a cinematic perspective.

Overall, Breaking the Silence is a well-made film that handles a gravely sensitive topic with poignancy, power, and intensity. It is a must-see for anyone who enjoys thrilling dramas with a social message.

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    3.4  (193)