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"For some people... Rock & Roll was always a freak show."
  • R
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.2  (1,864)
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Brothers of the Head is an unconventional rock-and-roll movie based on a fictional memoir by British author Brian Aldiss. Released in 2005, the movie uses a mockumentary style to tell the story of Tom and Barry Howe, conjoined twins who become a sensation in the London music scene in the 1970s. The movie opens with a rough-and-tumble scene of the twins, played by real-life brothers Luke and Harry Treadaway, being born in a seedy pub in the northeast of England. They are discovered by sleazy talent scout Zak Bedderwick, played by Jonathan Pryce, who sees their unusual condition as a potential goldmine. Bedderwick convinces the twins' mother to let him take them to London, where he sets them up as a punk rock band called The Bang Bang.

The rest of the movie follows The Bang Bang's ascent to fame and the tensions that arise between the twins as they try to establish their own identities. Tom, who is more outgoing and confident, wants to be a rock star and enjoy the perks of the lifestyle. Barry, who is quieter and more introverted, wants to stay true to his roots and make meaningful music. Meanwhile, Bedderwick uses the twins for his own gratification, encouraging Tom's wild behavior and exploiting Barry's vulnerable state.

Brothers of the Head is a visually stunning film that blends fictional elements with real archival footage of the punk scene in the 1970s. The Treadaway brothers give remarkable performances as the conjoined twins, with Harry playing the more passive Barry and Luke playing the more aggressive Tom. Pryce is also excellent as the corrupt manager who pulls the strings behind the scenes.

The movie explores a number of themes, including the exploitation of vulnerable people for commercial gain, the struggle for individuality in a world that demands conformity, and the limits of personal freedom in a society that prizes spectacle over substance. The movie also raises questions about the ethics of using real people with disabilities for entertainment purposes, a topic that has become more relevant in recent years as the media landscape has evolved.

Despite its unusual subject matter, Brothers of the Head is a well-crafted film that will appeal to anyone with an interest in music, counterculture, or the human condition. It is a powerful meditation on identity, agency, and the nature of creativity, and it will leave viewers with plenty to think about long after the credits roll.

Brothers of the Head
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