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"If She's Going To Save Christmas, She's Got Some Big Shoes To Fill."
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  • 2001
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.3  (2,763)

Call Me Claus is a 2001 Christmas-themed movie that stars the remarkable Whoopi Goldberg as Lucy Cullins. Nigel Hawthorne plays Nick, who is the current Santa Claus who has held onto his position for over 200 years. Brian Stokes Mitchell plays the role of the ambitious, business-savvy, and charming Marcus. Lucy is a successful television producer, working on an ambitious Christmas special for a major network. As fate would have it, she is told by her boss that she is too old and jaded to connect with the younger audience to reflect the true spirit of Christmas.

Saddened by the news, Lucy is sitting on her couch when she hears a knock on the door. Upon opening it, she sees a portrait of Santa Claus hanging on her door only to discover the real Santa Claus, Nick, standing in front of her dressed as a delivery man. He tells her that he is retiring, and it's time for someone new to take over. Nick has come up with a list of potential replacements- all with high profiles, but none meets his standards.

Nick has one person in mind to take his place- Lucy Cullins. He is convinced that Lucy is the one. In typical Whoopi fashion, she doesn't believe a word Nick tells her- "Santa Claus, right!"

Eventually, Nick convinces Lucy by telling her she's special and there's something magical about her that would make her a perfect fit for the job. She plays along with the story, just to be polite, but then things start happening- a snowball turns into a dove, her eyes turn bright red, her gums start glowing- and she suddenly realizes that there might be some truth to Nick's claims.

Lucy is hesitant to take on the job, but Nick sends Marcus, his head of personnel, to convince her to take the job. Marcus gets Lucy to agree by promising to revive the Christmas spirit in her.

Lucy takes over the position, dons the red suit and becomes Santa Claus, with Marcus as her elf. As she dons the role, she has to learn how to deal with children of all ages, including kids who are naughty and nice. She also learns to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas as she goes on a journey to bring Christmas happiness to as many people as possible.

As Santa Claus, Lucy's world changes completely as she meets children who need the simple happiness of a toy or a child who wants her father to come home from Iraq. Amidst all the magic and presents, Lucy discovers that the real spirit of Christmas lies in giving more than receiving.

Call Me Claus is a delightful Christmas story that steers clear of the usual cliches that come with Christmas movies. The movie reflects that Christmas is more than just a few days off work and a pile of presents- it's about love, kindness, family, and the good in all people. With the cast perfectly mirroring the true spirit of Christmas, Call Me Claus will win your heart and leave you feeling warm with the holiday spirit.

Call Me Claus
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