Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper

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  • TV-14
  • 2006
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 7.4  (3,547)

Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper is a Japanese animated movie produced by TMS Entertainment in 1997. Directed by Kenji Kodama, the movie is based on the long-running manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. The movie follows the story of Shinichi Kudo, a brilliant high school detective who is transformed into a child after being poisoned by a criminal organization. Under the alias Conan Edogawa, Shinichi tries to solve various crimes while keeping his true identity a secret. In this movie, Conan investigates a terrorist threat to a new skyscraper in Tokyo that is set to open to the public soon.

The movie begins with a prologue that shows a bank robbery that goes wrong. The bank robbers flee from the scene, but one of them is apprehended by the police. The captured robber reveals that his accomplices are planning to blow up a new building in Tokyo. Conan, who overhears this information, suspects that the skyscraper in question is the Ark Tower, which is set to open soon.

As Conan investigates the case further, he learns that the terrorists have planted a powerful bomb in the skyscraper that will explode at the opening ceremony. Conan races against time to locate the bomb and disarm it before it is too late. Along the way, he encounters several suspects, including the building's lead architect, the CEO of the construction company, and a freelance journalist who is investigating the construction project.

The plot thickens as the building's security system is hacked, and the terrorists take control of the elevator. Conan is forced to climb the building in order to reach the bomb before it explodes. He faces several challenges, including dodging gunfire and overcoming booby traps set by the terrorists.

The animation in the movie is of a high standard, with detailed backgrounds and fluid character animation. The action scenes are well-choreographed, with tense moments of suspense and impressive stunts.

The voice acting in the movie is top-notch, with Minami Takayama delivering an excellent performance as Conan. Her portrayal of the character's intelligence and resourcefulness is spot on. Kappei Yamaguchi, who voices Conan's friend and classmate, Genta Kojima, provides some light comic relief in the movie. Wakana Yamazaki, who voices Ran Mouri, Shinichi's love interest, delivers a heartfelt performance that adds emotional depth to the film.

The movie's soundtrack by Katsuo Ono complements the visuals perfectly, with a mix of suspenseful and action-packed tracks that enhance the tension and excitement of the movie's setpieces.

One of the strengths of the movie is its well-crafted mystery. The plot twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing until the very end. The characters are also well fleshed out, with each suspect having a plausible motive for carrying out the terrorist attack.

Overall, Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper is an excellent addition to the Detective Conan franchise. The movie is a must-watch for fans of the manga and anime series, as well as for those who enjoy suspenseful thrillers. The combination of strong animation, voice acting, and soundtrack makes this an engaging and enjoyable film to watch.

Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper
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