Caught in the Headlights

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  • 2005
  • 90 hr 22 min
  • 3.4  (198)

Caught in the Headlights is a thriller film that was released in 2005. It stars Erika Eleniak as a woman named Jodie, who is on the run from her past. Kim Coates portrays a detective named Dwayne who is trying to solve a string of murders that may be connected to Jodie. Brigitta Dau plays Jodie's sister, Constance, who has a complicated relationship with Jodie.

The movie begins with Jodie on the run, hitchhiking her way across the country. She ends up in a small town where she meets a man named Trip (played by Mark Dacascos). Trip offers to give Jodie a ride and they soon become romantically involved. However, their relationship is complicated by Jodie's mysterious past and the fact that she is being pursued by Detective Dwayne.

As Dwayne investigates a series of murders, he begins to suspect that Jodie may be involved. Meanwhile, Jodie's sister Constance arrives in town to try and reconnect with Jodie. It soon becomes clear that Constance knows more about Jodie's past than she is letting on.

Throughout the movie, there are several flashbacks to Jodie's past, including her abusive relationship with a man named Scott (played by Winston Rekert). These flashbacks provide important context for Jodie's current situation and help to build suspense as the audience tries to piece together Jodie's past and how it may be connected to the murders.

One of the strengths of Caught in the Headlights is the performances of its lead actors. Erika Eleniak delivers a strong performance as Jodie, portraying her character's vulnerability, strength, and complex emotions with nuance. Kim Coates is also impactful as Detective Dwayne, conveying the character's determination and frustration as he tries to solve the case. Additionally, Brigitta Dau shines as Constance, bringing depth and complexity to her character's conflicted feelings towards Jodie.

The movie is also notable for its atmospheric setting. The small town where Jodie and Trip find themselves is portrayed as desolate and eerie, with an underlying sense of foreboding. This setting adds to the tension and suspense of the film, making it feel claustrophobic and unsettling.

Overall, Caught in the Headlights is a well-crafted thriller that keeps the audience on edge throughout its runtime. The combination of strong performances, a gripping story, and an atmospheric setting make it a memorable addition to the genre.

Caught in the Headlights
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    90 hr 22 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    3.4  (198)