Children of Nature

"Sometimes a first love becomes a last love"
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In this man an elderly man feels suddenly saddened when he simply cannot keep his farm running anymore due to his age. His children can no longer appreciate him and he feels very left out and lonely with no-one else to talk to. Things quickly change as he meets a lady of his dreams and they get married and move together where they can both enjoy their lives peacefully. The lady he meets ends up being someone he dated from his younger years.

1991 | 1 hr 22 min | 7.3/10
GÑsli Halldórsson, SigrÑður HagalÑn, Baldvin Halldórsson, Björn Karlsson
Fririk r Fririksson
Produced By
Fririk r Fririksson, Vilhjlmur Ragnarsson
Children of Nature
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