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  • 2017
  • 6.5  (1,748)

Christmas in Angel Falls is a charming holiday film that premiered in 2017. The movie stars Rachel Boston as Angel, a woman who is sent from heaven to help restore the Christmas spirit to a small town called Angel Falls. The town, which is appropriately named after the majestic waterfall that it surrounds, has lost its holiday charm and the residents are no longer able to find joy in the season.

Angel is a task-driven angel who is determined to complete her mission and return to heaven. She is not one for distractions, but things change when she meets the charming and handsome Michael, played by Paul Greene. Michael is a local businessman who has given up on Christmas after the loss of his son. Despite his skepticism about the festive season, Michael is drawn to Angel's enthusiasm and passion for Christmas.

It is not just Michael that Angel sets out to help, as she encounters other residents of Angel Falls who have lost their faith in the holiday season. One of these residents is Beau Bridges' Donald, the wealthy owner of the town's toy factory, which has been struggling since his son passed away. Angel sees the opportunity to bring the magic back to the toy factory and help everyone rediscover the joy of the festive season.

Throughout the movie, viewers see Angel as she works to bring people together, mend friendships, and restore the lost enthusiasm for the season. But as the deadline for her mission draws near, Angel realizes that she has become too attached to the town and its residents. She must remind herself of her heavenly duties and find a way to complete her mission before it is too late.

While Christmas in Angel Falls is a heartwarming holiday movie, it is not without its own share of conflict and drama. Michael and Angel's relationship is put to the test when they encounter unexpected setbacks in their undertaking to bring Christmas back to the town. There are other obstacles too, with Donald's close-mindedness and the coldness of the town's residents posing a major challenge to their efforts.

As the story unfolds, viewers will be left captivated by the beautiful surroundings of Angel Falls, with its snow-clad mountains, snowmobiling opportunities, and ice-skating rink, adding to the magical feel of the movie. Additionally, the film's beautifully crafted soundtrack does well to capture the warmth and hope of the festive season.

In conclusion, Christmas in Angel Falls is a delightful holiday movie that is perfect for the whole family to watch. From its gorgeous setting, talented cast, and charming storyline, the film serves as a wonderful reminder of the joy and magic of Christmas. Through Angel's hard work and determination, she manages to help the town rediscover its love for the festive season, leaving viewers with a sense of hope and cheer as the credits roll.

Christmas in Angel Falls
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