C.I.D Rajanna

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  • 1970
  • 2 hr 28 min

The movie 'C.I.D Rajanna' released in 1970 is a gripping action-thriller starring the legendary Kannada actor Rajkumar in the lead role. The movie revolves around Rajanna (played by Rajkumar), a C.I.D officer who sets out to solve a complex case of robbery and murder. The story begins with the theft of a precious diamond from a wealthy businessman's house. The police suspect a notorious gang led by a man named Sethu (played by Dinesh), and Rajanna is called in to investigate the case. Rajanna, known for his sharp mind and excellent investigative skills, starts collecting clues and interrogating suspects.

Meanwhile, he meets a beautiful woman named Lakshmi (played by Rajshree) who works as a nurse in a hospital. Rajanna is instantly charmed by her and they develop a close bond as he keeps visiting her at her workplace. However, Lakshmi's father, a retired army officer, is against their relationship.

As Rajanna's investigation progresses, he finds himself caught in a deep web of deceit and betrayal. He discovers that the theft was merely a smokescreen to cover up a murder that had taken place at the same time. The victim was the business partner of the man who lost the diamond, and it seems that their partnership had soured over a disagreement. More shockingly, Rajanna uncovers that Sethu was not involved in the case and was, in fact, a victim of circumstances.

The movie takes many twists and turns as Rajanna uncovers more truths, leading to unexpected revelations and a thrilling climax. Along the way, Rajanna faces many obstacles, including powerful individuals trying to sabotage his investigation and even attempts on his life.

Rajkumar's performance as Rajanna is exceptional, and he effortlessly portrays the character's wit, intelligence, and action-packed sequences. Rajshree shines in her role as Lakshmi, displaying her natural beauty and charming personality. Premalatha, who plays Lakshmi's sister, also delivers a noteworthy performance.

The film's music, composed by G. K. Venkatesh, is another highlight. Songs like 'Ninna Nodalentho' and 'Bellane Belagayithu' went on to become immensely popular and are still remembered by audiences today.

Overall, 'C.I.D Rajanna' is an entertaining and engaging movie that is sure to keep the viewers hooked till the end. It is a classic example of Rajkumar's acting prowess and is a must-watch for Kannada cinema enthusiasts.

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    2 hr 28 min