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Click is a comedy/drama starring Adam Sandler. Sandler portrays a man that who is labeled a workaholic and is missing out on his family growing up. He begins to feel overwhelmed with attempting to balance family responsibilities with work, all the while pushing back his family duties. While out at a bedding store, he stumbles upon a man that shows him an invention to help balance the act. This universal remote allows him to fast forward through time similar to making him think it is all a dream. Sandler believes that it is all a dream and is thankful for a second chance to make things right by his family.

This movie will have you laughing and crying all at the same time. It makes you think twice about pushing off the family to make a few extra bucks.

2010 | 2 hr 7 min | 3.5/10
Shreyas Talpade, Sada, Sneha Ullal, Rehan Khan
Sangeeth Sivan
Produced By
Sangeeth Sivan, Sanjay Ahluwalia, Vinay Chowksey
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Also starring Sada