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  • 1944
  • 56 min
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Code Of The Prairie is a 1944 American Western movie directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and starring Smiley Burnette, Sunset Carson, and Peggy Stewart. The movie is produced by Republic Pictures. The plot of the movie revolves around the character of Sunset Carson, who plays a Texas Ranger named Sunset Carson, and his sidekick Slats Calhoun, played by Smiley Burnette. They are sent to investigate the mysterious deaths of a group of cattle ranchers who were poisoned by drinking contaminated water from a stream. The stream is located near the property of a rich landowner named John Lawton, played by Roy Barcroft. Sunset and Slats suspect that Lawton might be involved in the killings, so they plan to pose as drifters and gain access to his land to investigate further.

During their investigation, they meet Lawton's daughter, played by Peggy Stewart. She's an independent, tough-talking girl who is not afraid to stand up to her father. She helps Sunset and Slats by pointing them in the right direction and warning them of her father's suspicious behavior.

As they investigate, Sunset and Slats come across a group of rustlers who are stealing Lawton's cattle. Sunset and Slats decide to help Lawton catch the rustlers, hoping that this will lead them to the culprits behind the poisoned water. They also discover that the rustlers are working for a gang leader named Red Rock, played by Tom London.

The movie features several action-packed scenes, including a thrilling chase sequence where Sunset and Slats pursue the rustlers on horseback. There are also several fight scenes between Sunset and the rustlers.

As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that Lawton is not responsible for the deaths of the ranchers, but is, in fact, a victim of the same criminal gang that Sunset and Slats are fighting. The climax of the movie involves Sunset and Slats confronting Red Rock and his men and rescuing Lawton's cattle.

Overall, Code Of The Prairie is an enjoyable Western movie that delivers on action, suspense, and intrigue. The movie boasts solid performances from its cast, with Sunset Carson and Smiley Burnette providing the right mix of comedy and heroism, while Peggy Stewart brings strength and sass to her role. The movie has a fast-paced plot that keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish, with plenty of exciting action sequences to keep the adrenaline pumping.

Code Of The Prairie
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