Come Fly with Me

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The film is centered around a young boy named Gregory, who hangs out with an inventor, Heathcliff, at his rural aviation laboratory. Heathcliff has invented a special type of aircraft which is able to travel faster than the speed of sound, but is also a helicopter. The two spend their time testing the devices and improvements when they are interrupted by a government agent. The agent has been told that the inventor has considered selling the designs to the Soviets. The inventor and the boy are then forced to flee with the plans, and the agent follows. Includes comedic violence.

| 1963 | 1 hr 49 min | 6.3/10
Dolores Hart, Hugh O'Brian, Karlheinz Böhm, Pamela Tiffin
Henry Levin
Produced By
Anatole de Grunwald
Come Fly with Me
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Also starring Hugh O'Brian