Commander Hamilton

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This picture tells the story of a dangerous man from America, who is about to get his hands on one of the most powerful, deadly tools in existence. Mike Hawkins is a man who has little regard for the lives of anyone else but his own. He has a thirst for cash and a taste for blood in his mouth. After getting his hands on technology pertaining to a nuclear bomb, he plans to use it unless he becomes very wealthy, very soon. Swedish special agent, Carl Hamilton, has given himself the task of tracking down Mike Hawkins, and putting an end to his evil plans.

Not Rated
| 1998 | 2 hr 7 min | 5.9/10
Peter Stormare, Lena Olin, Mark Hamill, Mats LĂ„ngbacka
Harald Zwart
Commander Hamilton
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Also starring Lena Olin