The Night and the Moment

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Taken from the pages of a novel written in the eighteenth century, The Night and the Moment tells the timeless story of love that flows from the hearts of two people who find a real and lasting connection in a completely unexpected way. A writer attends a social event at the home of a lady of noble descent, at her invitation and in the company of several other guests. As the evening progresses, he finds himself enchanted by her charms. When the opportunity arises, he approaches her and reveals his amorous intentions. Instead, she is curious about his past, asking questions that he would rather not answer. As he takes her with him on a journey back in time, the audience gets to tag along.

He talks about his romantic encounter with a young girl named Armand, then shares with her the experience he had enjoyed with Julie, an older woman. He revisits a time when he was confined to a jail cell for being too bawdy with his pen. The Governor did not appreciate his talent with words, apparently. There was a woman in the cell next to him and they began to communicate through notes. As they opened their hearts to one another on paper, the tone of their words slowly changed to reflect the growing affection between them.

You get a sense that the story he is revealing of his chance encounter from a jail cell is very intriguing to the noblewoman, possibly even the reason for her inquiry.

| 1994 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.6/10
Ivan Bacciocchi, Jean-Claude Carrière, Axelle Cummings, Willem Dafoe
Anna Maria Tat
Produced By
Boudjemaa Dahmane, Pierre Novat
The Night and the Moment
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