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"A story about finding the perfect woman... and trying desperately to give her back."
  • R
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.2  (31,105)
  • 46

One Night at McCool's is a dark comedy film released in 2001 directed by Harald Zwart, starring Liv Tyler, Matt Dillon, and Mary Jo Smith. The movie follows the story of Randy, a bartender, and his life that spirals out of control after he falls for Jewel (Liv Tyler), a beautiful and mysterious woman who walks into his bar one night.

Randy (Matt Dillon) is a mild-mannered, apathetic bartender who is unhappy with his mundane life split between his job and nagging girlfriend, Therese (Leelee Sobieski), who is constantly pressuring him to get married. One day, Jewel walks into the bar, and Randy becomes instantly infatuated with her. Despite her flirtatious nature, Randy's advances are unsuccessful, and he doesn't get to spend the night with her.

However, Jewel's life is not as mysterious as it seems. Jewel uses her beauty to manipulate men, making them do her bidding and using them as pawns in a complicated scheme. With her seductive charms, Jewel sets her sights on different men, including Randy, her current lover, and Randy's older brother, Carl (Paul Reiser). The three men become embroiled in a dark and twisted love triangle as Jewel uses all of her manipulative skills to pit them against each other.

As events unfold, the movie takes several unexpected turns, the plot twists and turns, and Randy's life ends up in complete chaos. Despite his attempts to maintain control of his life, Randy is dragged into the dangerous world of Jewel and her scheming, and he has to fight to keep afloat in the aftermath of their interactions.

One Night at McCool's is a darkly comic movie that takes a uniquely funny look at a very serious subject matter. The combination of romance, seduction, and manipulation, all intermingled with humor, creates a compelling and entertaining piece of cinema.

At its core, One Night at McCool's is a story about the complexities of human relationships and the lengths we go to for love. The movie explores not only romantic love but also familial love and the deep-rooted connections we share with our siblings. Carl and Randy's relationship is an integral part of the movie, and their dynamic highlights the importance of family bonds.

The cast delivers excellent performances, with Liv Tyler shining in her role as the manipulative and alluring Jewel. Her performance is both captivating and chilling, making her character all the more intriguing. Matt Dillon delivers another strong performance as Randy, portraying his character's transformation from a lonely and apathetic bartender to a man driven to distraction by his desire and love for Jewel.

Mary Jo Smith as Randy and Carl's grandmother provides some of the movie's funniest scenes, highlighting the generational divide between the younger and older members of the family. Her character, who is heavily involved in gambling and drinking, adds a different dimension to the movie and provides a comic release for some of the more intense moments.

As a whole, One Night at McCool's is a well-executed, entertaining movie that explores love, seduction, and manipulation through a unique and captivating lens. With an excellent cast, masterful direction, and a clever script, this movie is a must-see for fans of dark comedies and anyone looking for a fresh take on the complexities of human relationships.

One Night at McCool's
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    6.2  (31,105)
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