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Two unlicensed Swedish private investigators try to make a living in Los Angeles.

Friday on Viaplay
1 Season, 20 Episodes
August 9, 2017
Cast: Peter Stormare, Johan Glans, Vivian Bang, Felisha Cooper
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Swedish Dicks Full Episode Guide

  • Ingmar and Axel have stabilized their position in the PI world, and Ingmar thinks they are ready to become licensed detectives. This creates unexpected immigration problems for Axel, who turns out to be an illegal alien.

  • Jane knows about Axel's immigration status and forces the Dicks to catch Omaha's most wanted mafioso for her. Sun uses her North Korean charm to help Sarah get over her ex.

  • When S√ĄPO (the disastrous Swedish version of the FBI) joins forces with the Dicks for a sting operation to take down a dirty consul general, a series of super weird events happens.

  • The Dicks go undercover on the set of a cheap zombie film to find a kidnapped man. Sun and Sarah take on a case of their own.

  • Tex gives Dicksen a case where they are forced to compete against Jane McKinney in prison to find out who is helping prisoners to fly. Axel goes undercover as a prisoner.

  • Ingmar and Axel are ready to go far, they can even stand up, to find out who it is according to their client Allie is ready to kill for a joke.

  • When the founder of a dating app realizes that his app is finally getting traction, he asks the Dicks to help him find and stop the hitman he hired to kill himself when he had hit rock bottom.

  • The Dicks meet a mystery client in prison who needs help with a friend who has been framed for a murder he didn't commit. Sun helps Axel with his visa problem through the funeral director Lou.

  • When Sarah introduces her yoga class friend, Eve, to the Dicks, Axel is smitten. He, however, tries to keep it strictly professional at least until they solve the case involving Eve, her mom, and a medium.

  • Ingmar wants the Dicks to go legit and apply for PI licenses, but that creates unexpected immigration trouble for Axel. Meanwhile, Elvis, Robin Hood, and Frankenstein's monster ask them to catch a thief on Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Ingmar decides to leave America and return home to Sweden to keep his daughter safe from both Tex and the FBI. But circumstances change when Sarah hires Axel and Sun to solve a case personal to her.

  • Swedish Dicks is commissioned to find a stolen sheep, but before they can begin the search, Ingmar is arrested by the FBI. It looks dark for Ingmar until the FBI is willing to offer him a deal.

  • Ingmar tries to set a meeting with Dimitri, a Russian Mafia boss who sells stolen cars and who Ingmar suspects killed his friend Tex. Meanwhile Axel is hired to solve a case of cyberbullying.

  • Ingmar finds a way to get a large amount of money, so that he can buy a car from the guy who he suspects of killing his friend Tex. Meanwhile Axel tries to make friends in L.A. and ends up hanging out with Ingmar's daughter, Sarah.

  • An owner of a pet cemetery suspects her competitor of unethical practices. The investigation is hampered by Axel stopping his antidepressant medications.

  • A young female porn star hires the "dicks" to catch her stalker. Axel is trying to infiltrate inside Jane's detective company.

  • Axel joins a cult in order to find a lesbian couple's missing daughter.

  • An owner of an advertising agency has a suspicion that someone has been stealing and selling his company's ideas.

  • The "dicks" are hired by a blind man to find out if his wife is having an affair. Meanwhile, Ingmar bets with his rival Jane that he can make Axel shoot better than one of her guys in one week.

  • Ingmar is hired by a young DJ to find his stolen laptop.

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