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  • 1934
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Crime Without Passion is a 1934 black and white film directed by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. The movie follows the life of attorney Lee Gentry, played by Claude Rains, who is successful in his career but becomes disillusioned and embarks on a life of crime. The film is widely regarded as a classic depiction of the moral ambiguities of the time, as well as a reflection of American society's changing values.

Lee Gentry is a suave and confident attorney, who loves his job and is respected by his colleagues. He is married to the beautiful and sophisticated Vivian (Margo), who is also a successful artist. Despite their success, their relationship is strained due to Vivian's infidelity.

One day, Gentry learns that he is about to lose a hard-fought trial due to a technicality. In a fit of anger, he murders the judge who presided over the case. Gentry becomes increasingly paranoid and suspicious, and his behavior becomes erratic. He believes that his wife is having an affair with her model, Larry (Whitney Bourne), and begins to plot his revenge.

The film explores the themes of power, trust, and betrayal. It shows how a man, who was once respected and successful, can fall from grace due to his own weaknesses and flaws. The tension builds up as Gentry begins to unravel, and it becomes clear that he is no longer in control of his life.

The acting in the film is superb, with Claude Rains delivering a masterful performance as Gentry. He perfectly captures the character's cool and confident demeanor, as well as his descent into madness. Margo is equally impressive as Gentry's wife, Vivian. She portrays the character's complexity and vulnerability with ease, making her a perfect match for Rains' character.

The film is notable for its impressive dialogue, which was written by Hecht and MacArthur. The script is full of witty one-liners and clever wordplay, which adds to the film's overall charm. The direction is also top-notch, with Hecht and MacArthur creating a tense and atmospheric film noir that is both engaging and suspenseful.

Overall, Crime Without Passion is a classic crime drama that is a must-see for fans of the genre. With its superb acting, clever dialogue, and expert direction, it is a film that remains relevant today, even after almost 90 years. The film portrays the moral ambiguities of the time and serves as a reflection of American society's changing values. This is a film that is not to be missed.

Crime Without Passion
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