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"The 3rd time's a charm..."
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In an exclusive Santa Barbra College two roommates Jason and Patrick take bets on who can sleep with Cassidy, a beautiful and manipulative girl, first. After plotting how they were gonna get her in bed Cassidy turns to encouragement of a competition between the two. Jason has to first seduce Sheila while she is in steady relationship with a boy named Michael, and Patrick must sleep with a girl named Allison who is already engaged.

Jason succeeds in his part of the competition and afterwards Patrick blackmails Allison with photos of her cheating on her fiance. He tells her about how he was able to get the pictures while he pulls down her lingerie and rapes her so that he too could complete his part of the bet.

Jason and Cassidy start a solid relationship leaving Patrick out of the picture both bitter and unsatisfied. Out of resentment he tries to seduce Cassidy and when she rejects him resorts to telling her about the bet that he and Jason had made. He tells her that the only reason they are together is because Jason wants to sleep with her in order to win the bet that they had made before her bet with them both.

Both angry and heartbroken with what Patrick had told her she falls prey to his words and as they have sex Jason walks in on them. Patrick shares that both Jason and Cassidy had been part of a cruel game he had been playing where they underestimated the true evils within themselves. With a turn of events Cassidy says that in fact Patrick had been part of her plan instead. She had taken one of his sleeping pills and planned to tell the police he had drugged her and then committed rape. As the police arrest him he screams that he is innocence but Allison had come forward stating he had raped her.

In the end Cassidy and Jason are seen making another bet.

| 2004 | 1 hr 26 min | 4.7/10
Kerr Smith, Kristina Anapau, Nathan Wetherington, Melissa Yvonne Lewis
Scott Ziehl
Produced By
Neal H. Moritz

Also starring Kerr Smith

Also starring Kristina Anapau

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