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  • 2014
  • 1 hr 59 min
  • 5.7  (84)

Da Possessed is a Filipino horror-comedy film directed by Joyce Bernal and starred by Vhong Navarro, Solenn Heussaff, and John Lapus. The story follows the life of a man named Ramon (Vhong Navarro) who is possessed by a malevolent demon after he bought an antique wooden box at a garage sale. Ramon's girlfriend, Anna (Solenn Heussaff), and best friend, Benny (John Lapus), team up to help him drive out the demon and get his normal life back.

The movie opens with a scene of a garage sale where Ramon discovers an old wooden box. Without knowing its history, he decides to buy it as a gift for his girlfriend Anna. When he presents it to Anna, strange things start to happen - the television turns on and off by itself, and the radio plays static noise. Ramon begins to experience bizarre and terrifying nightmares, and he later realizes that the box he purchased is not just an ordinary antique.

As the story progresses, Ramon's personality changes, and he starts behaving oddly, which raises concern for his loved ones. Anna and Benny decide to seek professional help from a priest to exorcise the demon out of Ramon's body. However, the exorcism only aggravates the problem, causing the demon to gain more power and control over Ramon's body.

Anna, Benny, and Ramon's family members desperately attempt to find a solution to save him from the demon's possession. They sought the help of a renowned psychic, Madame Lorraine (played by Karla Estrada) to aid them in performing a ritual that could save Ramon from the demon's grasp.

The film has a mix of comedic and horror elements that perfectly balance one another. The comedic moments offer a much-needed relief to the tension-filled scenes, while the horror elements are genuinely scary, providing audiences with a great thriller experience.

The cast performances were exceptional, and each took their characters portrayal to an exemplary level. Vhong Navarro, who predominantly worked on comedy movies, proved his worth in the horror-comedy genre. He perfectly conveyed his character's struggle to fight off the demon possessing him while making his performance subtly humorous.

Solenn Heussaff was exceptional in her role as Anna. She played her character with grace and concern, effortlessly bringing out her emotions, especially at crucial moments of the story.

John Lapus, who is known for his comedic roles, effortlessly brought out humor in his character, Benny. The trio's chemistry was fantastic, making the film more engaging and delightful to watch.

Additionally, the movie featured a strong supporting cast featuring popular entertainers, such as Joey Marquez, Empress Schuck, and Lito Pimentel, who also performed well and added to the movie's overall quality.

In conclusion, Da Possessed is a well-done horror-comedy that deserves recognition. The storyline is intriguing, the acting is on point, and the blend of comedy and horror elements makes it a pleasurable experience to watch. The movie did exceptionally well in the box office, grossing over ₱300 million during its theatrical run, proving to be a blockbuster hit. It's a must-see movie for horror-comedy fans who want to have an enjoyable time while experiencing unexpected scares, laughter, and fun.

Da Possessed
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 59 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (84)