Dabar Chal

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  • 1987
  • 1 hr 46 min

"Dabar Chal" is a captivating Bengali drama film released in 1987, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Manoj Mitra. The movie features a stellar cast including Dipankar Dey, Sumitra Mukherjee, Rajeshwari Raychowdhury, and Anup Kumar, who bring their talent and charisma to portray a thought-provoking story. Set in Kolkata, "Dabar Chal" delves into the complex dynamics of a middle-class family dealing with societal pressures, personal aspirations, and the constant struggle for survival. The film unveils the story of the Ghosh family, consisting of patriarch Ashok Ghosh (Dipankar Dey), his wife Malati (Sumitra Mukherjee), their daughter Swapna (Rajeshwari Raychowdhury), and Ashok's younger brother Bhola (Anup Kumar).

Ashok, a hardworking and dedicated employee in the engineering department of a government organization, faces numerous challenges in his pursuit of a better life for his family. Despite his sincere efforts, he finds himself trapped in a monotonous routine that fails to provide the financial stability he desires. With a mounting sense of frustration, Ashok becomes disillusioned with the system and begins yearning for a change.

Malati, on the other hand, is a devoted wife and mother who dreams of a more comfortable life for her family. With her caring nature and resourcefulness, she tries to maintain a harmonious environment within their humble home while supporting her husband's aspirations. Her deep understanding of Ashok's ambitions makes her an essential pillar of strength for him.

Swapna, the bright and ambitious daughter of the Ghosh family, showcases immense potential in her studies. Driven by her thirst for knowledge, she dreams of pursuing higher education and joining a prestigious university. However, she faces the harsh reality of limited opportunities and financial constraints that threaten to shatter her aspirations.

Bhola, Ashok's younger brother, adds a touch of light-heartedness to the narrative with his quirky behavior and subtle humor. Despite being unemployed, Bhola possesses a philosophical outlook towards life, often providing solace and guidance to other family members with his unique perspectives.

As the story progresses, "Dabar Chal" explores the family's struggles in a society plagued by corruption, inequality, and limited upward mobility. It highlights the contrasting desires and ambitions of each character against the backdrop of societal norms and familial bonds. The narrative masterfully weaves together the personal journeys of the Ghosh family, capturing their emotions, sacrifices, and determination to break free from their constrained circumstances.

With its expertly crafted screenplay, poignant dialogues, and exceptional performances, "Dabar Chal" takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster while challenging societal norms and conventions. Manoj Mitra's direction elevates the film, infusing it with authenticity and depth. The movie's strong social commentary raises important questions about the system's limitations and the impact on individuals striving for success.

Furthermore, the film's cinematography and art direction paint a vivid picture of Kolkata's bustling cityscape, capturing both its beauty and harsh realities. The music and background score, composed by a talented team, perfectly complement the narrative's tones and emotions.

Overall, "Dabar Chal" is a compelling drama that explores the complexities of family dynamics, personal aspirations, and societal challenges. Through its well-crafted storytelling and powerful performances, the film leaves a lasting impact, resonating with audiences long after the credits roll.

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    1 hr 46 min