Death of a Gunfighter

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In this classic Western film, the residents of Cottonwood Springs, Texas want Marshal Frank Patch to resign, especially after he has to kill a drunken man in self-defense. But the Marshal insists that when he signed on for the job, it was for his lifetime. Then the townspeople devise a plot to ambush Patch and murder him as the only solution for getting rid of him. When Patch discovers their plan, he marries his long-time girlfriend, knowing that his days are numbered.

| 1969 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.2/10
Richard Widmark, Lena Horne, Carroll O'Connor, David Opatoshu
Don Siegel, Robert Totten
Produced By
Richard E. Lyons
Death of a Gunfighter
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Also starring Lena Horne