Run for the Sun

"Clawing...Killing...Hacking his way across a thousand miles of steaming jungle!"

This is an action packed thriller movie. It is about a female reporter who tracks down an adventuring author. Katie Connors is a journalist, and her specialty is writing stories about famous people. Mike Latimer is a famous author who loves to take on adventures. Mike is working on a novel somewhere in a small village in Mexico. Katie tracks him down, and she is trying to get an exclusive interview.

While Katie tries to get her interview, Mike finishes his novel. It is time to return home, so they both book a plane flight together. Everything is fine until the plane crashes and their rescuers do not want the outside world to know they exist.

| 1956 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.4/10
Richard Widmark, Trevor Howard, Jane Greer, Peter van Eyck
Roy Boulting
Run for the Sun
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