Death to the Supermodels

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"They're Drop Dead Gorgeous."
  • R
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 24 min
  • 2.4  (2,086)

Death to the Supermodels is a 2005 comedy-thriller film that follows five of the world's top runway models who are contracted to a photo shoot on a deserted island. What seems like a dream job soon turns into a nightmare as the models find themselves being hunted by a mysterious killer who is determined to murder them one by one. The cast features some of Hollywood's notable names, including Jaime Pressly, Brooke Burns, Taylor Negron, and Matt Winston. Pressly plays the role of Kendra, a foul-mouthed and self-centered supermodel who is desperate for fame and fortune. Her fellow models are no better as they all have their own set of insecurities, obsessive traits, and dark secrets.

At the start of the movie, the models are flown to a remote island to shoot a commercial for a new perfume. The island is owned by the reclusive and enigmatic Mr. Armani (played by Negron), who has a reputation for being eccentric and unpredictable. Once the models arrive, they are informed that they will be staying on the island for a week, with no contact with the outside world until filming is complete.

As soon as they begin shooting, strange things start to happen. The models are being watched, and they receive threatening letters and ominous phone calls from someone who calls themselves "The Mirror." The Mirror seems to know everything about the models, including their deepest fears and darkest desires.

As the days pass, the models start to disappear one by one. With no way to leave the island and no one to turn to, they must rely on their own instincts and wits to survive. The tension builds as they turn on each other, suspecting that one of them may be the killer.

The movie has a dark, satirical tone that pokes fun at the fashion industry and the superficiality of beauty pageants. It also delves into the psychology of fame and the lengths some people will go to achieve it. The characters are over-the-top and exaggerated, but they also have a vulnerability that makes them relatable.

The film is directed by Joel Silverman, who manages to keep the pace fast and the suspense high throughout. The cinematography is stunning, with the island's tropical setting providing a stark contrast to the violence and horror that takes place there.

Overall, Death to the Supermodels is an entertaining and engaging film that combines humor, thrills, and social commentary. It is a must-see for fans of horror-comedies and anyone who has ever fantasized about being a supermodel.

Death to the Supermodels
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    1 hr 24 min
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    2.4  (2,086)