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"3 kids accidentally travel 65 million years into the past, are taken in by a dinosaur and must receive a missing piece of their time machine to get home."
  • PG
  • 2012
  • 4.7  (1,665)

Dino Time is a thrilling and hilarious animated adventure film released in 2012. The movie follows the story of three adventurous kids and their time-traveling journey back to the prehistoric era. The film features a star-studded voice cast including Melanie Griffith, Jane Lynch, William Baldwin, and others. The movie begins with the introduction of the three main characters, Ernie, his best friend Max, and his little sister Julia. Ernie is a curious and imaginative kid who always wants to explore new things, especially with his best friend Max. On the other hand, Max is a timid and fearful child who always follows Ernie's lead. Julia, who is the youngest of the three, is obsessed with dinosaurs.

The film quickly picks up pace when Julia discovers a time machine in their neighbor's garage. Without wasting a moment, Ernie and Max join Julia in her quest to explore the prehistoric world. However, things take an unexpected turn when they accidentally bring their house bully, a vicious kid named T-Rex, along with them.

As they arrive in the past, the three kids get separated from each other while being chased by the dinosaurs. Ernie lands in the middle of a dinosaur herd, while Max meets a friendly dinosaur who becomes his companion. Julia, on the other hand, befriends a baby T-Rex, which brings her in the middle of a feud between T-Rex's clan and other dinosaurs.

The rest of the movie follows the kids' adventurous journey as they try to find their way back home while avoiding deadly dinosaurs and dealing with new challenges at every turn. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about courage, friendship, and overcoming fears.

Dino Time feels like a perfect blend of humor, action, and adventure. The animation is top-notch and visually stunning, with incredible attention to detail. The film's use of color and light enhances the movie's overall aesthetic, giving it a charming and playful tone.

The cast of voice actors put in excellent performances, bringing their respective characters to life with wit, humor, and emotion. Melanie Griffith as Tyra, the T-Rex's mom, gives a standout performance in her role, delivering some of the most hilarious yet heartwarming moments of the film.

The music score is another highlight of the movie, adding depth and excitement to the scenes. The music's upbeat and playful tone complements the film's light-hearted spirit, making it enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Overall, Dino Time is an entertaining and captivating film that does a great job of taking its audience on a fun and adventurous ride. Its engaging story, delightful characters, impressive animation, and catchy music score all come together to make Dino Time a family-friendly movie that's well worth watching.

Dino Time
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