Dino Time

"3 kids accidentally travel 65 million years into the past, are taken in by a dinosaur and must receive a missing piece of their time machine to get home."

Dino Time is a family film about a kid (Ernie), who traveled back in the dinosaur's age with his sister (Julia) and friend (Max). For Ernie, there exists no more fun than having some very adventurous time. Most of the time he used to plan and execute little naughty adventures with his friend max and if he (Max) is not available for him then most of the times one can find him, wandering by blasting through the streets of town on his rocket powered skateboard or eager for a quick look on the new fossil arrival in the museum.

Julia, used to leave no chance for creating some kind of trouble for him. All these adventurous experiences are not that easy under strict rules of his mother but his daredevil nature pushes him to take any chances which could lead to some adventure.

Meanwhile, one a day at Max's home, Ernie and Max are trying to find out something adventurous about the newly invented egg shaped time travelling machine by Max's father. Julia also descends from somewhere there and when they are in the machine, the door of the machine closes up and the machine gets started. In no time they find themselves standing in front of a T-rex named Tyra. Tyra rubbed them gently as she was considering them as her newly hatched children. Now they become the siblings of Tyra's hyperactive son Dodger. This was a start for the most en-thrilling adventure that Ernie ever had.

In the later story of this film, Ernie and company face some challenges as they lost one of the most important components of the machine in their way and Tyra also held up by a trouble as two scheming dinosaurs steel her precious egg and tempt her towards their cage. This film contains many hidden messages for children.

| 2012 | 1 hr 25 min | 4.7/10
Pamela Adlon, Jane Lynch, Melanie Griffith, Tara Strong
Clarius Entertainment
John Kafka, Choi Yoon-suk
Dino Time
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