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  • 1993
  • 3 hr
  • 4.4  (251)

Divya Shakti is a 1993 Indian action-drama film that stars Ajay Devgn as a character named Prashant Verma, Raveena Tandon as Divya, and Satyendra Kapoor as Verma's father. The film is directed by Sameer Malkan and produced by Dinesh Patel. The movie opens with Prashant Verma, a young man from a middle-class family, who is deeply in love with Divya. However, her father is against their relationship and does not approve of Prashant's intentions. Despite her father's disapproval, Divya continues to meet Prashant secretly.

Verma's father is a respected and honest police officer who is on the verge of retirement. He is known for his honesty and integrity, which has made him many enemies, who hatch a plot to eliminate him. The plot involves framing him in a false case and turning public opinion against him.

Verma's father is subsequently arrested and imprisoned, and the family is shattered by the event. It falls on Prashant to prove his father's innocence and restore the family's honor. He takes the help of Divya, who is also committed to proving Verma's father's innocence.

The plot thickens as more twists and turns are revealed. The villains behind the plot to destroy Verma's father are none other than a wealthy businessman and a corrupt police officer. Prashant and Divya must now navigate through a maze of danger and deception to uncover the truth and bring the real culprits to justice.

The movie has many action sequences, including a thrilling car chase, gunfights, and fistfights. The romance between Prashant and Divya adds a touch of softness to the movie, which is balanced out by the gritty action and suspenseful plot.

Overall, Divya Shakti is a gripping action-drama that showcases Ajay Devgn's acting range and Raveena Tandon's beauty and talent. The film's music is also noteworthy, with songs that are both catchy and emotional. It is a must-watch for fans of the Bollywood action genre and anyone who enjoys a good suspenseful plot with plenty of twists and turns.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    3 hr
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  • IMDB Rating
    4.4  (251)