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"He's making the world safe for insanity."
  • R
  • 1983
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 5.2  (6,092)
  • 48

In the 1983 comedy film Doctor Detroit, we meet Dan Aykroyd's character Clifford Skridlow, an unassuming college professor whose life takes a wild turn after a chance encounter with a group of colorful characters. The film is set in the city of Detroit, a place known for its grit and toughness, and this atmosphere is very much portrayed throughout the movie. It's clear that the city is suffering, with industries shutting down and unemployment rampant, but there's still a sense of pride among the locals who are trying to keep the spirit of the place alive.

Early on in the movie, we see Skridlow being taken advantage of by his students, who use him as a doormat and don't give him the respect he deserves. One day, while out on the town with some fellow professors, he comes across a group of women being harassed by some unsavory characters. Skridlow intervenes and ends up getting caught up in a dangerous situation that he knows nothing about.

Enter Howard Hesseman's character Smooth Walker, a flamboyant pimp who sees something in Skridlow and decides to take him under his wing as his new "doctor." He gives Skridlow a makeover, complete with a flashy suit, a new haircut, and a fleet of gorgeous women at his disposal, and turns him into Doctor Detroit, a uniquely Detroit-style pimp.

From there, the film takes us on a wild ride as Skridlow struggles to keep up with his new persona while trying to maintain his normal life as a professor. Along the way, we meet other colorful characters like Regina, played by Donna Dixon, a sweet and naive call girl who Skridlow takes under his wing, and Mom, played by Lydia Lei, the tough-as-nails head of a rival pimping operation who wants Doctor Detroit out of the picture.

There's plenty of humor throughout the film, as we see Skridlow awkwardly try to navigate his new life as a pimp and Regina try to get Skridlow to see her as more than just a client. Aykroyd is at his comedic best here, fully embracing the over-the-top character of Doctor Detroit while also bringing a surprising amount of heart to the role.

There's also a deeper message at play in the film, as we see Skridlow struggling to find his place in the world and come to terms with his own identity. The film explores themes of self-confidence, self-worth, and the importance of standing up for oneself.

All in all, Doctor Detroit is a funny and entertaining film that perfectly captures the spirit of Detroit in the 1980s. It's a reminder of a time when comedies could be wacky and outrageous without taking themselves too seriously, and a testament to Dan Aykroyd's comedic talent. It's the perfect film to watch when you need a good laugh and a little bit of heartwarming encouragement.

Doctor Detroit
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