Dorf's Golf Bible

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Derk Dorf is an individual who never had much luck with woman and chose to instead goof off with his buddies. He had always seen other peoples affection for the game of golf, even watching it on television every now and then. However, when Dorf decides to try his luck at the game of golf for the first time, he is amazed by a power that comes from a seemingly holy place. There appears to be a higher power that is controlling every movement Dorf makes on the golf course. It turns out that a heavenly figure has the ability to dictate to Dorf all the correct poses and movements he needs to make in order to be successful at the game.

1986 | 30 min | 5.8/10
Tim Conway, Eddie Deezen, Michele Smith
Roger Beatty
Dorf's Golf Bible
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Also directed by Roger Beatty

Also starring Eddie Deezen