Eloise at the Plaza

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Eloise at the Plaza is an interesting movie that most people are oftentimes shocked at the basic but interesting story. The film stars the famous Julie Andrews and Sofia Vassilieva. The movie is actually a live action version of the book series. The books have been made famous over plenty of years ago from the famous writers, Hilary Knight and Kay Thompson. Several different books were made following this young little girl and her adventurous ways.

Eloise in this film is given the chance to be taken cared of by her nice and beautiful nanny, who is played very well by Julie Andrews. Eloise, is a very adventurous little girl who loves to pull off all kinds of tricks and things on people, but usually in a very good way. She ends up trying to make a lonely prince and another woman fall in love. She tries her best to play matchmaker and make something happen. This definitely does not happen according to her plan, as she struggles throughout the way and has problems with what happens in her life. However, she learns a whole lot of new things along the way, and she even develops a strong level of love for the prince, his lover, and her nanny.

Despite her adventurous ways and getting in trouble because of be too active, she still tries to make two people fall in love. This story is still very heartwarming to hear compared to other stories that you may hear around these days. Current reviews from readers rate this movie 5 stars because of the acting from the main actress, along with the additional acting added in with Julie Andrews. Sources have said that it truly and definitely is a wonderful and great movie that children need to watch since the movie has no foul language jumped in the way other films for children seem to have. The content is for families of all ages with the story being fitted even for the adults in the family.

2003 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.5/10
Julie Andrews, Jeffrey Tambor, Kenneth Welsh, Debra Monk
Kevin Lima
Produced By
Thomas D. Adelman, Christine A. Sacan
Eloise at the Plaza
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