Elsa y Fred

The Spanish-Aregentine film Elsa y Fred shows that even after becoming a widower, Fred can still fall in love. Seventy-seven year old Fred, who happens to be a hypochondriac, moves into a building in Madrid that his daughter Cuca found for him. Cuca meets the female neighbor of Fred, Elsa, whose personality is colorful and life-size. Unlike Fred, Elsa is carefree and doesn't think about illness-which is ironic because Elsa is seriously ill, and hiding her condition from Fred.

The two slowly become friends, and Elsa introduces Fred to a new world of living. She challenges him in ways he never thought possible. She makes him live life and not death. Fred slowly comes out of his shell as a widower, and Elsa and Fred end up falling in love.

When Fred finds out that Elsa is going to die, he organizes a trip for both of them, to Rome. It had always been a dream for Elsa to visit Rome and reenact the iconic scene from the film "La Dolce Vita," starring Marco Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg and the famous Fontana de Trevi. The two have the time of their lives, and return to Madrid blissfully happy.

Elsa teaches Fred to live, and Fred teaches Elsa to love. In the process Fred learns to stop worrying about death so much and Elsa learns to stop lying. That if she just let Fred into her life, he wouldn't be afraid, but supportive.

Fred also becomes closer to his daughter in the process of becoming friends with Elsa. They re-connect and through Elsa's carefree lifestyle, Fred is able to loosen up, and enjoy life with his daughter. He had not been able to connect as well with his daughter before because of her mother's death, but after meeting Elsa, he is able to connect more with his daughter too.

| 2005 | 1 hr 48 min | 7.6/10
Marcos Carnevale
Elsa y Fred

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