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"The awakening of love."

Elvis and Annabelle is a romance story with a very unusual beginning. Annabelle is a the daughter of a very ambitious mother who wants nothing more than to see her daughter win the Miss Texas Rose beauty pageant. Annabelle has been groomed all her life to compete in pageants and has adopted her mother's desire to win as her own. In her efforts to be the best, Annabelle often starves herself to fit into the unbelievably small dresses she must wear. Unfortunately, this ends in tragedy for Annabelle who dies before she has a chance to fulfill her mother's dream.

Annabelle's death is not quite as final as everyone thinks. Her body is brought to the local mortuary which is owned by Elvis's father. Unknown to anyone in the town, Elvis's father is slowing losing his mental faculties, which leaves Elvis in charge of embalming the bodies which are brought in. Elvis has the odd hobby of taking pictures of the bodies he embalms. After preparing Annabelle's makeup, but before he drains the blood out of her, he snaps a shot of himself kissing her. The flash of the camera is enough to kick start Annabelle's brain and she regains consciousness.

Annabelle's parents are overjoyed at having their daughter back, but Annabelle is haunted by a fleeting image she can't get out of her mind. She also has a different personalty which is not as easily bent to her mother's will. She shows up on Elvis's doorstep one day and ends up staying for quite some time. She gets to know his father and even starts painting the outside of their home. Annabelle and Elvis begin developing feelings for each other, but Annabelle is still under the impression that Elvis's father was the one who was present when she awoke from her death. It is Annabelle's mother who stumbles on the truth of what happened when she finds the album containing the photos Elvis has taken.

| 2007 | | 7.3/10
Max Minghella, Blake Lively, Joe Mantegna, Mary Steenburgen
Elvis and Anabelle is an independent film directed by Will Geiger. [edit] Synopsis In "Elvis and Anabelle," every terrible tragedy brings about something equally miraculous. Groomed by her overly ambitious mother who had also previously been a
Elvis and Anabelle

Also directed by Will Geiger

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