Emmanuelle 4

"the erotic masterpiece"
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The Emmanuel 4 movie was the fourth installment in the Emanuelle series. The film was made in France, and so all the actors talk in French throughout the film. The release date in the United States was February 1984. The genre of the film is drama, so you know it will be packed with action. The movie was directed by Francis Leroi and Iris Letans. The producers of the movie are: Francis Giacobetti and Alain Siritzky. The film is about 89 minutes long, so that's an hour and 29 minutes long.

Some of the actors and their roles in the movie are: Sylvia Kristel as Sylvia / Emmanuel, Mia Nygren as Emmanuel IV, Patrick Bauchau as Marc, and Deborah Power as Donna. Emmanuel Arsan wrote the words the novel called "Emmanuel: The Joys of a Woman." Francis Leroi and Iris Letans wrote the dialogue to the film, and Marie de Surgis wrote the commentary in the film. The critics and movie watchers did not rate the movie all that high, but it has done fairly well over the past 28 years considering its low reviews.

In the film, the main character Sylvia is trying to escape from her former lover named Marc. She has had a tormented history with him. She always takes him back when she tries to end things with. She has a really bad experience with him when she goes to a Los Angeles club. Sylvia ends up going to the country of Brazil to try to to escape him, and she will go there to get plastic surgery so he does not recognize her. In addition, if she goes to Brazil, he will not know where has moved too. She plans on handing in an article about it to the local Californian newspaper.

When she gets there, she ends meeting a doctor named Dr. Sanamo. This doctor has the power to turn her into a beautiful Emmanuel, and so the doctors transform her into an Emmanuel. She is now considered to be a 20 year-old virgin. This new experience allows Sylvia to have a sexual awakening, but it also reminds her of Marc. She wanted to purged of her past relationship with Marc. The audience members learn more about the characters as they progress throughout the movie. Nothing everything is as seems in the movie. You will have to see the film to see how it ends!

1984 | 1 hr 29 min
Sylvia Kristel, Deborah Power, Mia Nygren, Dominique Troyes
Francis Leroi, Iris Letans
Produced By
Alain Siritzky
Emmanuelle 4
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