Goodbye Emmanuelle

"The ecstasy continues"
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Goodbye Emmanuelle is a sensual French film with several prolonged erotic scenes. Set in 1970s France, the film focuses on the erotic life of a young architect and his wife, who dabble in casual sex and menage-a-trois. The story opens with the married couple at their home in the Seychelles. The couple engaged in what they felt was a "liberated" marital arrangement; each explored his or her sexual desires to the fullest and without the jealousy of his or her partner. However, this lifestyle is interrupted when the wife in this partnership begins to fall in love with a young film director who her husband thinks is ordinary, undistinguished, and unworthy of affection. It becomes clear that their previous sexual adventures had left emotional scars on both husband and wife. Frequent, long nude sex scenes intersperse an otherwise dramatic meditation on the life of a marriage that seems to be approaching its end.

The young film director visits the island in search of locations for his upcoming film. He is especially entranced by an old house. Emanuelle is taken by his passion, his charisma, and his dedication to his work. While her husband seems initially accepting of her desire for the film director, he becomes jealous, violent, and possessive when he realizes that his wife's desire for the film director is more than sexual. She wants a relationship with him and is slowly falling in love with him.

Later in the film, the wife and the film director have sex on the beach, hidden from view. When she returns to her home, her husband asks where she has been and she lies to him. Then she denies that she has any feelings for the film director. This is the first time that the wife lies to her husband with whom she had shared many sexual adventures. When he finds out what has happened, he becomes enraged and his wife leaves him for the film director.

1977 | 1 hr 40 min
Sylvia Kristel
Franois Leterrier
Produced By
Yves Rousset-Rouard
Goodbye Emmanuelle
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