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Eskimo is a 1933 American pre-Code drama film directed by W.S. Van Dyke and featuring an ensemble cast including Edgar Dearing, Peter Freuchen and Edward Hearn. The movie is based on the novel "Der Eskimo" by Danish explorer and author Peter Freuchen. The film's plot follows the story of Nanook, an Eskimo who has to face great challenges to save his family and tribe in the face of a rapidly changing world.

The movie is set in the arctic wilderness and is known for its stunning cinematography that captures the beauty of the deserted snow-covered landscapes. Eskimo was one of the first Hollywood films to use sound on location, which adds to the immersive experience of the film. The movie also featured an ethnically diverse cast, including real Inuit people, to tell the story of the Eskimo people.

Eskimo begins with Nanook and his family enjoying a peaceful life in the pristine arctic wilderness. However, their world is turned upside down when they are visited by white men, who bring with them guns, whiskey, and new diseases. Nanook and the other Eskimo families find themselves caught in a struggle between the old ways of their people and the new ways of the modern world.

Throughout the movie, Nanook is forced to make tough decisions and take bold actions to save his family and tribe. He becomes an unlikely hero who shows great courage and resourcefulness in the face of danger. Nanook is helped by the strong and courageous Ipiktok, who is played by an Inuit woman, Wannapa Sihom.

Eskimo is a movie that addresses themes of culture clash, modernization and the struggle to preserve traditional ways of life. It portrays the Eskimo people as proud, resilient and intelligent, and it emphasizes the importance of community and family ties. The movie shows how the Eskimo way of life, which is in harmony with the environment and relies on close relationships between humans and nature, is threatened by the encroachment of modern civilization.

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie is the walrus hunt, which was shot on location with the help of real Inuit hunters. The scene features an intense and thrilling chase as Nanook and the other hunters pursue a huge walrus across the ice. The scene is made even more impressive by the fact that the filmmakers used authentic hunting techniques and tools, including harpoons and sled dogs.

Another scene that stands out is the final confrontation between Nanook and his rival, an Eskimo who has embraced the white man's ways and has become greedy and violent. The scene is both emotional and action-packed, and it highlights the movie's message of the importance of finding a balance between old traditions and new ideas.

Although Eskimo was made over eighty years ago, it remains a powerful and engaging movie that tackles timeless themes. Its portrayal of the Eskimo people and their culture is respectful and accurate, and it provides insight into a way of life that is near extinction. The movie is a testament to the ability of cinema to serve as a bridge between cultures and to tell stories that resonate across generations.

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