Fast Getaway II

Fast Getaway II is a movie about love and betrayal. A former robber has straightened out his life and runs a legitimate insurance business with his girlfriend. His life suddenly takes a turn for the worse when he is framed for a burglary he didn't commit by an ex-partner. His father is one of his other ex-partners. Once his father gets out of prison the two of them decide to go after the man who framed him for the burglary and ruined his life.

Going straight is tough for a criminal. Having former partners who will frame you toughens the odds and the betrayal hurts.

| 1994 | 1 hr 35 min | 4.7/10
Wally Bujack, Sarah Buxton, Phillip Connery, Stanton Davis
Cinetel Films
Oley Sassone
Fast Getaway II
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Fast Getaway 2 (1994) Trailer (VHS Capture)|1:55
Fast Getaway 2 (1994) Trailer (VHS Capture)|1:55