Favorite Deadly Sins

"Lust! Anger! Greed! Bet You Can't Beat Just One!"
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The movie Favorite Deadly Sins is a TV movie trilogy that sends laughter through every viewer’s spine as they show the basis of what lies behind show business. There are only three key points of show business that includes Greed, Lust, and Anger. In this movie, viewers will see several characters be overcome by one of these three pieces of show business, instilling a boatload of humor through the TV screen. The area of lust will overcome the popular and well-known Dennis Leary, while Joe Mantegna is overwhelmed with greed, and anger lights a fire for Andrew Dice Clay.

| 1995 | | 5.3/10
Andrew Dice Clay, Denis Leary, Joe Mantegna, Farrah Forke
David Jablin, Denis Leary
Favorite Deadly Sins
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