Final Encounter

"They were magic. They were children. They were soldiers and they fought... For the Cause."
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Final Encounter is a sci-fi action film set in the future of Earth several hundred years off. In the film, Earth is in the middle of a continuing war engulfing the whole world with no visible end in sight. Colonies are formed on distant planets to try and avoid the ongoing fighting on Earth but has only ended with the colonized cities descending into the same wars as their ancestors on Earth. If the colony is to survive, they must make peace to avoid annihilation.

On the colonized planet far off from the warring Earth are two colonies, one called Brecca and the other referred to as Obsidian. Brecca is the old stone city while Obsidian is built with black stone glass. The wars have dragged on for far too long with the descendants of the original colonial settlers forgetting the original reasons for the beginning of their fighting. The populations and armies have been nearly completely wiped out on both sides leaving only a few left. Brecca is represented by their greatest military leader General Murren who wants to end the war in one easy strike using what little technology they have left that can possibly compete with the superior technology used by Obsidian.

As the small team of special forces from Brecca make their way through Obsidian to attack it's capitol they are faced with a variety of challenges both from their own people and trying to avoid soldiers of the Obsidian army. A century of warfare between the two sides has created internal conflicts among the soldiers within themselves. These soldiers realize that they must find a way to accomplish a lasting peace agreement between both Brecca and Obsidian before both sides are finally wiped out and there is no one left to remember the great cultures of both Brecca and Obsidian. Time is not on their side to end the war.

| 2002 | 1 hr 38 min | 3.4/10
Dean Cain, Thomas Ian Griffith, Justin Whalin, Jodi Bianca Wise
David Douglas, Tim Douglas
Final Encounter
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Also starring Thomas Ian Griffith