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"The Fikus Family: They're Not Roasted. They're Not Salted. They're Just Plain Nuts."
  • PG
  • 1977
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 5.4  (466)

Fire Sale is a comedy movie from 1977 directed by Alan Arkin, starring himself alongside Rob Reiner, Vincent Gardenia, and Anjanette Comer. The movie is about a family that runs a failing retail store called Red House, which is on the verge of being foreclosed. Benny (Arkin), the eldest son, tries to find ways to save the store with the help of his younger brother Russell (Reiner) and their father Ezra (Gardenia).

The movie begins with the Red House store being in financial trouble, and Benny's attempts to save it through shady deals, such as selling fake paintings, his father's insurance policy and selling the store to a crazy millionaire, while his brother Russell has a poker tournament. However, none of these attempts turn out well.

As the movie progresses, Russell falls in love with Barbara (Comer), a woman he meets at the poker tournament, and she becomes involved in their attempts to save the store after realizing how much it means to them. Benny and Russell's schemes become increasingly desperate and ridiculous, including hiring a group of Cuban revolutionaries to stage a fake kidnapping for publicity.

The movie's humor is derived from the absurd lengths the family goes to save the store and the eccentric characters they encounter on their journey. Benny, in particular, is portrayed as a fast-talking and deceitful salesman, always trying to find a way out of his problems. Meanwhile, Russell is more level-headed and often serves as the voice of reason, while Ezra tries to keep the family together despite their desperate situation.

Throughout the movie, the family faces various obstacles, including their creditors, the police, and the millionaire who wants to buy the store. Despite their setbacks, the family eventually manages to save Red House in a surprising way that showcases their creativity and ingenuity.

The movie's cast all give strong performances, with Arkin's portrayal of Benny being the standout. He is able to balance Benny's sliminess with his likability, making him a complex and interesting character to watch. Reiner brings a more grounded performance as Russell, in contrast to Arkin's more over-the-top portrayal.

Overall, Fire Sale is an enjoyable comedy that showcases the talent of its cast and director. Although the humor may be a bit dated at times, the movie still manages to be funny and engaging. It's a great example of a classic 70s comedy, filled with memorable characters and absurd situations.

Fire Sale
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