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  • 1935
  • 1 hr 33 min
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First a Girl is a delightful British musical-comedy film from 1935, directed by Victor Saville and starring Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale, and Anna Lee. The film tells the story of a struggling young actress, Elizabeth, who is mistaken for a famous female impersonator, Victor, and is hired to perform in a revue as Victor when the real star is unavailable. She quickly becomes a sensation in the role and must decide whether to reveal her true identity or keep up the charade.

The film begins with Elizabeth (Jessie Matthews) and her friend and fellow actress, Toni (Anna Lee), rehearsing for their latest production. Elizabeth dreams of becoming a big star, but she is constantly passed up for roles in favor of more established actresses. Meanwhile, Victor (Sonnie Hale), a famous female impersonator, has been causing a stir in London with his latest revue. When Victor's co-star falls ill, the producers are in desperate need of a replacement.

One day, Elizabeth goes to a party at Victor's house in hopes of getting a role in one of his productions. She accidentally walks into a room and finds Victor getting ready in his dressing gown. Thinking she is a fellow actor, Victor mistakes Elizabeth for a male impersonator and offers her the role in his upcoming show. Elizabeth decides to take the job, pretending to be Victor in order to achieve her dreams of stardom.

As she takes on the role of Victor, Elizabeth becomes an overnight sensation. She sings, dances and charms the audience, quickly becoming the talk of the town. However, things get complicated when she falls in love with the show's male lead, Robert (Eddie Hearn), who has no idea she is really a woman masquerading as a man. When her true identity is finally revealed, Elizabeth must decide between keeping up the facade and following her heart.

One of the major highlights of the film is the music - the song and dance numbers are exceptionally well-choreographed and performed by the cast. Jessie Matthews, in particular, is a standout performer, showcasing her incredible talent in several lively and entertaining musical numbers. The film's score includes popular and catchy tunes such as "The Flies Crawled Up the Window," "Leap Year Waltz," and "The Yacht Club Boys."

Another highlight of the film is the comedy. The film is full of hilarious moments, mostly due to the clever dialogue and the impeccable comedic timing of the actors. The film's wit and charm are timeless and still resonate with modern audiences.

Overall, First a Girl is a delightful and entertaining film that still holds up today. Jessie Matthews is a fantastic leading lady, and the film's music, dancing, and comedy are all top-notch. The film's themes of identity and gender roles are still relevant today, making it a timeless classic.

First a Girl
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