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  • TV-PG
  • 1997
  • 2 hr
  • 6.3  (882)

Friends 'Til the End is a dramatic thriller film from 1997 that stars popular TV actress Shannen Doherty alongside Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Jason London. Set in Los Angeles, the story centers around three high school friends who reunite after years of separation, only to find that their reunion coincides with an unpredictable sequence of events that will test the limits of their loyalty and trust for one another.

Shannen Doherty plays Heather Romley, a beautiful and ambitious young woman who has made a life for herself in LA as an aspiring actress. On the night of her big break, Heather runs into her best friend from high school, Brenda (played by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn), who she hasn't seen in years. Brenda is going through a difficult time in her life and has turned to drugs, leaving Heather concerned for her well-being. Despite their differences and past grudges, Heather takes Brenda under her wing and offers to be her support system.

Meanwhile, the third member of their group, Kenny (played by Jason London), is struggling with his own demons. Kenny has always been the odd one out in the group, and he's still struggling to find his place in the world. When Heather and Brenda reconnect, Kenny sees a chance to finally be included in their inner circle and decides to join them.

As the three friends spend more time together, they begin to notice strange things happening around them. Heather has a stalker who won't leave her alone, Brenda keeps bringing drugs into their apartment, and Kenny seems to be harboring a dark secret. When Heather's stalker becomes violent, the trio is forced to stick together and rely on each other to survive.

In addition to the core trio, the film features a number of notable supporting characters, including Heather's agent, played by Marley Shelton, and a detective investigating Heather's stalker, played by Michael Woolson.

One of the most striking elements of Friends 'Til the End is the way it explores the complex dynamics of friendship. The film portrays the deep bonds that form between people who have known each other for years, and the tensions and resentments that can also arise over time. It's a testament to the incredible chemistry between Doherty, Blanc-Biehn, and London that they are able to sell these dynamics so convincingly, creating a sense of history and familiarity that feels genuine.

But Friends 'Til the End isn't just a character study – it's also a tense thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. From the opening scene, the film establishes an atmosphere of unease, and director Jack Bender keeps the tension high throughout. There are a number of twists and turns that keep the audience guessing, and the film's climax is a thrilling culmination of all the tension that's been building throughout.

Overall, Friends 'Til the End is a gripping and emotional drama that showcases the talents of its cast and crew. Although it may have flown under the radar upon its release in 1997, it has since gained a cult following among fans of psychological thrillers and character-driven dramas. Whether you're a fan of Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, or Jason London, or simply enjoy a good thriller, Friends 'Til the End is a film worth checking out.

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