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Siddharth Mararthe (Amir Khan) is a recreational boxer in the city of Mumbai. He does not earn any money and being unoccupied he loves to hang out with his friends. Jai (Rajit kapoor) is the elder brother of Siddharth. Jai works with a famous hooligan in his locality. His work is simply threatening the local businessmen in his area and collect “Hafta” (money which is considered to be the fees that is to be paid to the hooligans). When Jai fails to collect the money from the local merchants, he adopts strict means to do the same, he starts to terrorize and threaten them to fetch the money.

Both the brothers Siddharth and Jai do not lead a respectful life. Siddharth as a kid was extremely attached to his dad. Though he only could spend only a few years living with his dad. But that little time was enough to inculcate strong bonds between father and the child. Unfortunately his dad died when Siddharth was young. The death of his father has a deeper impact on Siddharth. He saw his father to commit suicide in front of him. The death remains a mystery and is not known to people or to Siddarth. His father was a former freedom fighter. One day he returns back after meeting someone whom he knew from his earlier life and he commits suicide after going through a short span of guilt and remorse. It is very difficult for Siddharth to forget the tragic death of his father. It keeps on haunting him.

Siddharth falls in love with Alisha (Rani Mukherjee). Alisha too leads a vagabond life. She spends her days riding on motorcycles with a group of riders and her friend Hari. After meeting with Alisha the life of Siddharth is transformed and he desperately wants to lead a good life. But this creates some problems with his brother Jai.

Not Rated
| 1989 | | 7.3/10
Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Rajit Kapoor, Mita Vasisht
Vikram Bhatt
Produced By
Mukesh Bhatt
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