Goin' Down the Road

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Goin' Down the Road is a Canadian drama film that was written by William Fruet and Donald Shebib, who also directed. The movie features Doug McGrath, Jayne Eastwood, Paul Bradley and Cayle Chernin. The story concerns the lives of two maritime men who have moved to Toronto so they could start a better life. Peter and Joey are driving in a 1960 Chevy Impala from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia to the city of Toronto in Canada in the hopes of meeting with relatives who can help find them work.

However, the guys do not behave very well in their relative's homes. They are rude and disrespectful. Because of this, the relatives become uninterested in them because of what is viewed as unacceptable behavior. They are promptly set out alone in the city to find for themselves.

The men only manage to find very basic minimum wage work for only $2 per hour for long 40 hour work weeks. Even so, it is better work than they could have found back where they came from.

Over time, they are able to find residency as tenants in a small, but adequate rental. Both of the men are also able to start romances. Joey impregnates his girlfriend and decides they should get married as a result. While he pursues his new life with a new wife, the payments due on their larger place, television and other household items begin to put a strain on their finances. He ultimately becomes desperate as the baby's impending birth approaches and more expenses continue to mount.

When Joey and Peter are laid off by summer's end, their worlds start to crumble. They are unable to find jobs or steady work of any type, so their bills continue to mount. As a result, they concoct a wild scheme to stage a robbery to steal groceries from a local store, which ultimately ends in disaster for everyone involved.

| 1970 | 1 hr 30 min | 7.2/10
Doug McGrath, Paul Bradley, Jayne Eastwood, Cayle Chernin
Donald Shebib
Produced By
Donald Shebib
Goin' Down the Road
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Also directed by Donald Shebib