Goldfish Memory

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Goldfish Memory is an Irish romantic comedy on the romantic dalliances of a group of young Dubliners. The film takes its title from the fact that goldfish have a short memory; this is iterated several times throughout the film. Tom, one of the protagonists, is frustrated with his relationships. He notices that his friends are serial monogamists and begins a long meditation on the purpose of love, the purpose of committing to one person, and the reason relationships start to decline. He speculates that human beings initiate new relationships solely to ward off the emotional pain and scarring caused by previous romantic relationships.

His ex-girlfriend begins to date a young woman and falls in love with her shortly after she breaks up with him. Tom repeatedly seems to run into, causing him great pain and confusion, and prompting introspective conversations on the possibilities presented by sexual fluidity. Many of the characters in the film are in bisexual or gay relationships, though Tom is not, and, throughout the film, is unable to reconnect and find a new love interest.

Another character is an older man with gray hair and a stuffy demeanor who constantly pursues relationships with younger women. When he is at university, working as a lecturer in philosophy and writing, he begins to court a young woman who then breaks his heart. Tom and the professor both reflect on what seems to be the flippancy of young women, who, in both their experiences, can engage in relationships with any gender and move on more readily than either of them can.

Chaos ensues when the ex-girlfriend's girlfriend and the professor's ex-girlfriend begin to sleep with each other and each other's friends. What begins as sexual experimentation and budding romantic possibilities becomes more of an endless cycle of drama by the end of the film. No one experiences any resolution, but the Tom and the professor seem to evolve. The film's pub scene marks its conclusion.

Not Rated
| 2003 | 1 hr 25 min | 6.4/10
Sean Campion, Flora Montgomery, Stuart Graham, Jean Butler
Elizabeth Gill
Produced By
Breda Walsh
Goldfish Memory
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