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"A new dimension in fantasy."

The film Gor that was released in 1987 is loosely based on a series of books by author John Fredrick Lange Jr. The film's main character is a socially nervous professor by the name of Tarl Cabbot. The movie begins with him getting up the nerve to ask his teaching assistant to a weekend getaway, though she says no. Trying to cope with his rejection, Cabbot accidentally activates a magical ring that transports him from Earth to the distant, alien world of Gor.

Cabbot lands feet first into the rough and tumble nature of Gor, getting involved in a village-wide attack by the vicious minions of Sarm, a brutal priest-king that rules with an iron fist and crushes everything in his path. Sarm is seeking a powerful relic called the Home Stone, which will open up the pathway between Gor and Earth, allowing Sarm and his warriors to seek out more area to cover and conquer. However, due to Cabbot's unintentional participation in the battle, he kills Sarm's son and is left for dead in the desert.

When Cabbot awakes he's under the tender ministrations of the princess Talena, who brings him up to date on where he is and what's happening. Talena's father, the king of the barbarians on the planet, has been captured by Sarm because he knows where the Home Stone is. Cabbot, Talena and a number of others get embroiled in the politics of war, eventually leading to the overthrow and defeat of Sarm and his armies. In the end Cabbot becomes a man, and he and Talena admit that they've fallen deeply in love with each other throughout this fight to save the world of Gor. However, no sooner is the admission made than the Home Stone is accidentally activated, sending Cabbot back home to Earth.

| 1987 | 1 hr 34 min | 3.3/10
Urbano Barberini, Rebecca Ferratti, Jack Palance, Paul L. Smith
Fritz Kiersch

Also starring Urbano Barberini

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