Great White

"You're what's for dinner."
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This is an Italian horror film that uses man's tendency to downplay nature's potential for brutality until it's too late. When a young man is killed by a Great White shark, the governor refuses to recognize the real danger to the community. Instead, he installs feeble nets to keep the teenagers safe. That doesn't work, and the delay to take action has serious ramifications for the governor. No longer able to deny what's happening, he hires professional shark hunters to take care of the beast, but the shark is smarter than they all realize, and the price will be high.

| 1980 | 1 hr 28 min | 4.4/10
James Franciscus, Vic Morrow, Micaela Pignatelli, Joshua Sinclair
Enzo G. Castellari
Produced By
Edward L. Montoro, Ugo Tucci
Great White
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