Hand of Death

Hand of Death (1976) is a Chinese martial arts film. It stars Tan Tao-liang and James Tien and also features an early performance by Jackie Chan. The film is set during the Qing Dynasty and is centered around the attempted elimination of Shaolin men from China. Yun Fei (Tan Tao-liang), a Shaolin man, is training with other Shaolin in a remote camp where they plan to fight back and overthrow the evil Shih Shao-Feng (James Tien). Yun Fei is the most promising of the fighters and he goes to take on Shih, but he fails to defeat him. He escapes with the help of a blacksmith, Tan Feng (Jackie Chan). Yun Fei and Tan befriend some other ragtag fighters including a swordsman who will not draw his sword. The team decides to band together and work to stop Shih's reign of terror on the Shaolin once and for all. The train, prepare and plan their assault involving an elaborate diversion and an ambush.

| 1976 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.0/10
John Woo
Hand of Death

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